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Small Business

Levitating Objects

The excitement of starting a business can last from months to years, but then one day you realize all the hats you have to wear are getting pretty heavy!


Take off one of those hats - bookkeeping.

 Bookkeeping has many challenges:

1. Accounts Receivable & Collections.  Involves invoices which are created to have a professional appearance and need to be sent in a timely manner.

2.  Keeping up with Cash Flow.  Checking all the statements for irregularities.  Assigning the expenditures to the proper account.

3. Paper Organization.  The importance of this cannot be understated.  If the paperwork isn't sorted, and organized and the information entered into a proper (and up to date) accounting system, then the reports cannot be generated when required for tax purposes, loans, etc.

 Payroll.  One of the most important bookkeeping items to be done correctly on a strict schedule.  Not only for your employees, but to keep you compliant with authorities and taxes.

Call on us....comprehensive bookkeeping is what we do!

Beyond Bookkeeping,
caring for the success of your business & family.

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